Filter Water Bottle: All You Need To Know

In today’s time where people making their lifestyles healthier through better food and drink choices, filtered water has been the talk of the town due to the benefits it may provide. Though this is accessible in your home, it may be hard to bring it along with you when going out.
For every problem, there is a solution. There are many water bottle manufacturers nowadays has been creating filtered water bottle. Here are some things which may help you in getting the right one for you.

Benefits of Filtered Water
Regular tap water is full of minerals. These can be a great addition to your road to being healthy. These minerals such as iron, copper, and calcium are only good for your health when taken in small amounts only. Furthermore, some tap water sources have been tested to contain chemicals and poison which can cause detrimental effects to your health.
Though the process of filtering, the bad components in your water are eliminated from your drink. There are certain brands which offer filters not only for big jugs but also on a water bottle. In this article, we shall be inspecting the top filter water bottles you may consider getting.

Difference of Filtered Water with Regular Bottled Water
Regular bottled waters are placed in a plastic bottle. With this, you may deal with the chemicals in the plastic that interacts with your water. Moreover, wasting multiple bottles per day can add up in the landfill contribution which provides negative effects to the environment.
With a filtered water bottle, you are getting a reusable water bottle fit for daily use. Moreover, these are made with durable material and safe for the environment. You are assured of fresh and chemical-free water which may save your money from potential health issues.

Maintaining Filtered Water Bottle
Regular filtration devices need regular check-up and maintenance to ensure reliability. Similarly, filtered water bottles have filters where all the chemicals and harmful grime is collected. This ensures that the water which passes through the filter is safe for you. With this, it is important to regularly remove them and clean it.
It is essential to find a filtered water bottle with an easy to remove the filter. You can opt to clean it regularly or replace it with a new one if deem that it already requires one. There are some filtered water bottles that require their filter to be replaced every 100 or 500 uses.

Significance of BPA Free Water Bottles
There are a number of water bottles that are BPA free. BPA is a chemical that was previously added to plastic items. However, when it was found out that BPA has a negative effect on one’s health, most manufacturers retracted from using it on most of their products. Additionally, Government agencies around the world issued a strict regulation on products with BPA.
BPA can cause hormonal imbalance, especially for men. It may also affect cellular regeneration, lower energy levels and mess up with reproduction. With this, it is important to get BPA-free filtered water bottles. This will ensure that what you are using is safe.

Things to know when getting filtered water bottles
Before getting a filtered water bottle, here are some items you need look for and include in your checklist. This will guide you in selecting the best one for you.
1.Get a filter that will remove the toxins and bacteria that could potentially be in your regular tap water.
2.Find a brand that suits your budget preference but is still durable.
3.Go for filtered water bottles with easily replaceable filters for ease of usage.
4.Determine the correct size and type of water bottle you need for your travel.
5.Read the reviews of other customers who have tried out your desired brand and model to know the pros and cons that it provide.

Water bottle products
1.LifeStraw Go Water Bottle – This 1000 liters filtered water bottle effectively removes cryptosporidium oocysts and E. Coli from your water. You can safely drink water from rivers and streams without the health hazard.

2.Brita Filtered Water Bottle – This water bottle can hold up to 40 gallons of water and can be used for around 300 times. Their filters are extremely easy to purchase on your nearest water bottle shops.

3.Brita Clear Lines Filtered Water Bottle – There are several pros offered by this water bottle brand. It is dishwasher safe and

4.CamelBak Filtered Water Bottle – Guaranteed BPA free, this filtered water bottle is great for drinking while on outdoor activities. It is recommended for athletes as it is very durable. Its filer shall also last for three months.

5.The Water Bobble Water Bottle – Taking pride in its unique shape like a bobble, it makes carrying it around easier it is also very durable unlike other water bottles in the market.

6.Brita Squeezable Filtered Bottle – Also has a BPA-free design, this filtered water bottle has an easy to remove filter which makes cleaning a breeze.

7.WaterU FreshSip Water Bottle – This bottle is designed for hiking. However, it does not remove the toxins and bacteria from your water. You might want to bring along purifying tabs should you rely on stream water.

8.Eco Vessel Aqua Vessel Water Bottle – Retaining the beverage temperature is the best quality of this water bottle. It removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your regular tap water.

9.OKO H2O Filtered Water Bottle – This filtered water bottle has a silicone suction cap which makes leak proof. The only disadvantage is that there might be potential bacteria or mold growth when time passes.

How to choose the right filtered water bottle
If you are into glass bottles, there are also a variety of filtered glass bottles out there to help you out. Nonetheless, they tend to be breakable and more expensive. With this, you should take into account key consideration when choosing the best-filtered water bottle.
First, find a filter that is well-suited for traveling. You must be able to drink water from any source on worst case scenario. Thus, you want a system that can remove bacteria and viruses in the water. Next, purchase one which is durable and can last a long time. Furthermore, you must invest on good quality filters which can be used for multiple times. Lastly, consider the weight and size of your water bottle. This must not hinder you from being mobile at all times.