Portable Water Filters: Top 11

It essential that we can access clean and pure water. In fact, almost 50% of hospital in-patients suffer from sicknesses that is water-related. Moreover, 20% of fatality rates below five years old is related to water-related issues.
We are dependent on the hydration it provides especially when we are out in the field camping, hiking or travelling. However, when we are challenged with scarcity of clean water, we can depend on filters to do the trick.

How does water filtration work?
There have been innovations on water filtering. From large equipment, most manufacturers down sized their equipment to drinking bottle size. In this way, they are portable and easy to use.
In this article, we shall be inspecting different water filtering systems. We are also looking into the advantages provided by some of the bestselling water bottles in today’s time.
Before going through the process, take note of the following warnings when using filtering water bottles.
1.Filters are not similar with purifiers. They can only clean your water to a certain extent.
2.There are certain chemicals dissolved in water that cannot be filtered.
3.Filters cannot turn salt water into a potable one.

Ceramic Filtration System
This type of filter is one of the regularly used filtration systems of consumers. The ceramic components of this are porous that contaminants in a size of a microbe can be filtered. Thus, it is not mixed in in your drink.
Ceramic filters are also very durable. When taken cared of properly, it will last a long time even after multiple uses. The only disadvantage of ceramic filters is that they tend to be larger and bulkier than their counterparts on other types of filters.
1.Katadyn Vario Water Filter
This water filter makes use of carbon core which is replaceable. This carbon core helps eliminate the unpreferable taste and odor of collected water. Its ceramic element is also easy to clean, providing you a product that lasts a long time.

2.MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter
Weighing only one and a half pounds, this portable filter has an AirSpring accumulator which provides fast collection of water. It can collect at least one liter of water per minute. It has ceramic filter and core made of carbon that ensures the user good tasting and odorless filtered water.

3.Katadyn Water Microfilter in Pocket Size
This lightweight product promises to filter microbes of at most one fifth of a micron. It also kills unwanted microbes as well as pathogens through the anti-bacterial properties of the silver presence in the ceramic element.

4.Katadyn Combi Water Microfilter
With a ceramic filter and activated core made of carbon, it can filtered water of up to 13000 gallons. It also comes in a resistant silicone and plastic material which lengthens its light even when brought on rough terrains.

5.Katadyn KFT Expedition for Water Filtration
This ceramic filter is the best option if you are going with a number of people or large group. It has a silver ceramic filter that allows 26,000 gallons of water filtration before there is a need for filter replacement.

Built-in Filters on Water Bottles
These water bottles cradles filters inside that blocks water contaminants from passing through, leaving you only with clean and safe drinking water.
1.LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated Filter
This leak-proof and BPA-free water bottle can hold 60 milliliters of water. This is highly portable and at most 1000 liters before there is a need to replace the filter. It can also filter known bacteria, virus and up to one fifth of a micron of other microbes.

2.Mountop Portable UV Purification ¾ Liters Water Bottle
This water filter bottle is equipped with an LED light to provide illumination and indicate whether the water inside can be safely taken or not.


Water Filter Straws
These are more handy and portable compared with other filtering devices out in the market. You can bring it along with you and it can easily fit in your pocket.
Drinking has never been this easy as you can pop in this filtering straw to any drinking vessel or directly sip from any water source in your surroundings.
1.Survivor Filter
This filter straw only weighs 3.5 pounds but perform really well in terms of filtration. It can easily fit in your pocket which makes it easy to bring along. Its flow rate is 200 milliliters per minute.

2.H2O Survival Water Filter Travel Straw
Being the smallest from these bunch of options, this filter straw weighs less than an ounce. It can filter up to 70 liters of water. Nonetheless, some consumers encounter difficulty in utilizing its suction. However, the water it produces is noticeably clean and odorless.

Activated Carbon Water Filters
This filtering system allows active carbon to sift the contaminants from any water source. It helps eliminate the odor and potential muddy taste of the water. With this, you are left, with clean and safe-to-drink water.
1.Katadyn Hiker Water Microfilter
This product uses active carbon to eliminate contaminants of the water. It is also one of the faster water filters in the options. It has a wide filter surface area which allows the user to have a fast water output.

Gravity Filters
From the name itself, this system uses gravity to filter water contaminants. Users can hang the reservoir, having those dangling.
Upon pouring the water in the reservoir, it will go to a pre-filter in the reservoir and membrane of the hose. The water that comes out from the hose are free from contaminants and is already safe to drink.
1.LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier
This versatile product can be used at home or outside. Its flow rate can go up top 12 liters an hour. With this, it can hydrate a small community. Moreover, it can eliminate up to 99.99% of virus, bacteria and protozoa.

Which filter is the best?
In terms of effectiveness, the H20 survival water filter travel straw has an edge over others. It easily filters water with or without a drinking container. For group quantity, the LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier and Katadyn KFT Expedition Water Filter are also good choices.

H20 survival water filter travel straw also wins in the portability category. It is great to bring along as it is only lightweight. Overall, different options present different benefits. Remember to choose the right one which is appropriate for your purpose.